For Immediate Release – Wednesday May 20, 2015


Organised crime impacts everyday Australians

The Australian Crime Commission has today released its Organised Crime in Australia 2015 report—the most contemporary picture of serious and organised crime in Australia.

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Minister for Justice, the Hon. Michael Keenan MP, launched the report alongside Australian Crime Commission Chief Executive Officer, Chris Dawson, in Sydney to highlight the personal impact on everyday Australians of organised crime.

“Organised crime affects everyone—whether it’s the ripple effect of illicit drug use on families and the community, the significant financial loss from investment scams or having your identity stolen by cybercriminals—everyone is at risk,” Mr Dawson said.

“Organised crime is sophisticated and resilient. It continues to adapt and evolve and to expand its reach through exploitation of the online environment.”

The pervasiveness of organised crime means everyday Australians are at risk of credit card theft, card skimming, identity theft, mortgage fraud, superannuation fraud, and the dangers of suburban clandestine laboratories.

The Organised Crime in Australia 2015 report illustrates three key characteristics of serious and organised crime groups impacting Australia. These include:

  • their ability to conceal criminal activities by integrating into legitimate markets
  • their ability to exploit new technologies and online environments
  • their criminal operations are truly globalised.

The report identifies that the threat of cybercrime and cyber enabled crime is significant and will likely increase in the short term.

The report also shows illicit drug markets continue to be the principle source of profit for organised crime, with crystal methylamphetamine (ice) posing the highest risk to the Australian community.

“Organised crime exploits the internet and other technologies to target the community through activities such as online scams, cybercrime and the theft of personal identity information stored electronically,” Mr Dawson said.

“To respond to this issue, the Australian Crime Commission works with a range of partners—in Australia and overseas—to target the highest risk serious and organised crime groups impacting Australia.

“But the fight against organised crime is no longer just a job for police and law enforcement agencies. To break the business of serious and organised crime, we must recognise and build on the critical role the private sector, industry and the public play in this matter.”

“This report helps us do that—it provides everyone with the information we need to better understand and respond to the threat of organised crime—now and into the future,” Mr Dawson said.

Organised Crime in Australia 2015 is an unclassified version of the Australian Crime Commission’s Organised Crime Threat Assessment, and provides the context in which organised crime in Australia operates. It gives an overview of each of the key illicit markets in Australia, and the activities that fundamentally enable organised crime.

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