An Audio / Radio News Release is the fastest, most cost effective way to get your message out to every radio station and network in Australia.
Since, 1999, The Media Game has been producing Audio / Radio News Releases for some of Australia’s biggest PR agencies and corporations, including Hill and Knowlton, Edelman, Cube PR, Hausmann, Weber Shandwick, Optus, Virgin Australia, eBay, Commonwealth Bank and Woolworths.
Why use an Audio / Radio News Release?
If your spokesperson has limited time available. We do one interview over the phone and distribute to every radio station in the country within minutes.
If you need to address a crisis situation urgently. We record an interview over the phone and send to all stations within minutes on your behalf.
If you want to make sure all stations in Australia have access to comment from your spokesperson. One interview. Every radio station in Australia. Within minutes
Perfect for:
• Crisis management
• Health and Medical stories
• Charity campaigns and not-for-profits
• Survey results
• Consumer news

Our Case Studies

Experts Warn: Australian patients unaware of hospital blood clots
PR company Weber Shandwick contracted The Media Game to assist with the release of research showing two-thirds of Australian hospital patients are not advised about potentially fatal VTE risks, callin for further education.

A media centre containing audio from leading doctors and professors was developed and state-specific media alerts distributed nationally to radio newsrooms.

Problem/Solution: Due to the time restraints of the doctors, the Audio / Radio News Release enabled Weber Shandwick to have state-specific audio interviews available for radio news media. These interviews were conducted once, and distributed to all radio newsrooms, saving their spokespeople a huge amount of time while giving radio news media a wide selection of audio content to back up the story. To view the media centre and audio / radio news release click here:


Optus needed to get the word out about their new data-sharing plans. The Media Game conducted an interview over the phone with technology expert Trevor Long.

A media centre was developed including audio content and release, and an email alert was distributed to all radio media – Australia-wide. All audio content was also watermarked, enabling tracking of on-air plays as they happen.

Problem/Solution: With one interview conducted over the phone, Optus was able to quickly supply high quality audio content relating to their release to every radio newsroom in Australia. To view the media centre and audio / radio news release click here:

Cancer Australia. Encouraging men to act on cancer As part of Men’s Health Week, the Cancer Council issued an Audio / Radio News Release to raise awareness of the two cancers that only affect men – prostate and testicular cancer, with one in two men in Australia to develop cancer in their lifetime.

The Media Game conducted an interview over the phone with Professor Helen Zorbas, CEO of Cancer Australia, and distributed audio content to all radio stations in Australia.

Problem/Solution: Professor Zorbas didn’t have time to conduct multiple interviews so used The Media Game to make sure the message was available to all stations Australia-wide, allowing her to concentrate on key media targets

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